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The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville is a live daily 30-minute podcast of news, analysis, statistics, polls, science, and interviews concerning marijuana legalization worldwide.

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Oct 20, 2017

New Zealand gets to vote on legalization nationwide by 2020; MPP's Kate Bell on Washington DC measure for self-certified medical marijuana; Urb Thrasher from 420RADIO with the Reefer Rock Review

Oct 19, 2017

AG Sessions seems to support more suppiers of cannabis for medical research; Questioning voices from DPA #Reform17 calling for an end to capitalism and "not screwing Pookie"; My suggestions for alcohol policy reforms if we treated it like pharmaceuticals,

Oct 18, 2017

Congressman Blumenauer targets anti-pot congressional chairman's job; Former MPP staffers Steve Fox and Dan Riffle on the setting of marijuana policy relative to alcohol at DPA's #Reform17; If alcohol is a dangerous drug, why aren't drug policy reformers

Oct 18, 2017

Drug Czar Pick out after media exposes his role in the opioid crisis; Professor Michelle Alexander at DPA's Reform Conference 2017; Are we becoming the Fix-it-All Movement?

Oct 18, 2017

SCOTUS Declines Pot Smell Allows Passenger Search Case; remaining recording lost to system crash