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The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville is a live daily 30-minute podcast of news, analysis, statistics, polls, science, and interviews concerning marijuana legalization worldwide.

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Jul 31, 2017

Spicer out, Scaramucci in, Priebus out, Kelly in, Scaramucci out at WH; David Mangone from Americans for Safe Access on federal medical marijuana reform progress; Trump calls on cops to "please don't be so nice" in a country where cops taser-torture a tee

Jul 28, 2017

Massachusetts Gov. signs marijuana legalization compromise bill that raises taxes, cedes local control to pot-hating cities; MPP New England Policy Director Matt Simon on New Hampshire Decrim; Urb Thrasher on latest stoner rock releases and album birthday

Jul 27, 2017

Senate committee approves amendment protecting state medical marijuana from federal interference; Ret. Sgt. Steve Miller on the federal abuses of civil asset forfeiture; Extended rant eviscerating Project SAM's Kevin Sabet's latest anti-legalization op-ed

Jul 26, 2017

Maine's Gov. LePage wants marijuana legalization repealed by states and enforced by feds; Debunking the latest lies from the CBD oil hucksters and how they're hurting legit CBD; How the selling of marijuana legalization for profit is endangering our right

Jul 25, 2017

Jeff Sessions, under fire as Attorney General, met with prohibitionist Kevin Sabet; Vilmarie Narloch from SSDP on Sessions' Call for D.A.R.E.'s return; How to use existing drug policy to reframe debates about marijuana.